Updated: Mar 3, 2018

We are proud to welcome Bart and Boomer Coleman to our team at The Jay Company, effective immediately. Bart joins us as a Broker and Developer. Boomer joins us as Broker. They now accompany our Broker-in-Charge, Michael Freeland, and co-founders Jerome and J.K. Jay.

Bart Coleman has extensive experience in the planning and implementation of all aspects of commercial real estate development in the retail industry. He has led RED, Construction and Maintenance departments in previous positions, such as during his tenure as Vice President of RED for Earth Fare, and as VP of Real Estate for Bi-Lo.

He graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor's in Business Administration.

Most recently prior to joining The Jay Company, Bart served as Senior Director of Real Estate for Tops Markets, LLC / The Penn Traffic Company, a large regional supermarket chain in the state of New York.

Boomer Coleman is a licensed real estate professional with an emphasis in property management. Boomer has a versatile skillset and knowledge bank he's honed previously in several niche real estate roles, which include Property Researcher for a Charlotte law firm; Commercial Property Analyst for a five-state mortgage company; and Independent Contractor for a development group.

Prior to joining The Jay Company, Boomer was the Marketing and Operations Assistant for the Rochestor Rhinos, a United Soccer League team in New York. While there, he simultaneously served as a property advisor for a popular AirBnB in Buffalo. He has also studied business and marketing at Greenville Technical College and Clemson University.

You can reach them via email at and

Please join us in welcoming them both to the team! We know they will serve our clients and the organization well.

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